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Christie Street  Cabin Rentals
The Queen Charlotte Islands
1200 Christie Street Masset BC
 Tel: (250) 626-3628 Fax: (250) 626-3540


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We are located at Masset on the northern end of Graham Island which is the largest of the more than 150 Queen Charlotte Islands or Haida Gwaii ("Islands of the People") in British Columbia, Canada. Originally in Haida, Xhaaidlagha Gwaayaai "islands on the edge of the world".


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  The Queen Charlotte Islands truly are a place you can relieve your stress levels and have an enjoyable experience of a lifetime. You can always be assured of clean, well maintained lodgings while visiting us at the North end of Graham Island. We are dedicated to making your experience a memorable one."

Culture The Islands are world renowned for the Haida culture and it's unique art forms. Works are created in wood, argilite, and precious metals. In some cases the artist can be watched while at work. There are numerous gift shops and art galleries selling local art.

Beaches Imagine a beach that stretches from one horizon to the other. Now imagine that you are the only person on that beach. Look north and watch an ocean that reaches across one third of the planet. You can be in serene isolation. Looking south you will see the foot of a forest that has lasted beyond the existence of man.

Look down and you may find semi-precious stones birthed by Tow Hill, the ancient volcanic core rising to the east.

Hiking The Islands have many marked trails offering the hiker a wide variety of challenges and rewards. On longer trails you should carry a backpack with warm clothing and food. Eco-tours are available are available. A simple hike is a walk along North Beach or down the first couple miles of Masset Inlet.

Fishing Few places on earth offer the variety and raw pleasure of fishing than the Queen Charlotte Islands. Once you have fished our waters you may be spoiled for fishing anywhere else. The North end of Graham Island is a fisherman's dreamland; some of the world's largest salmon and halibut cruise just below the surface. In the salt water shallows of North Beach you can catch crab or dig for clams. Many easily accessible rivers offer the whole spectrum of freshwater fishing thrills. Several local fishing charters are available.

To find out more about Masset and the Queen Charlotte Islands, including hiking trails, fishing, hunting, and parks see the links above.




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Christie Street Cabin Rentals ~ Queen Charlotte Islands Masset BC www.christiestreetcabin.ca


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